• CMP3 Video

    Lean back and let us introduce Cross Media Publishing for TYPO3 with our video-presentation from T3CON 2012 in Stuttgart

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  • What is CMP3?

    Look at our introduction and learn more about Cross Media Publishing for TYPO3.

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  • Printable PDF

    With CMP3 you can produce printable PDF out of TYPO3. 

    Have a look at our Use Cases.

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  • TYPO3 to InDesign

    CMP3 enables you to transfer TYPO3 content to InDesign to produce print products like magazines.

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  • Web-to-Print

    Create individual documents like business cards with Cross Media Publishing for TYPO3.

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CMP3 is an Open Source TYPO3 project that allows you to produce printable products out of TYPO3.

The type of print products ranges from catalogs, magazines, and company magazines, to individualized documents such as business cards.

Find out more about CMP3 on the following pages.

The number of applications for CMP3 is huge.

It ranges from the automated generation of printable PDFs (e.g. for a seminar catalog), to the export to InDesign (e.g. for a product catalog), to individualized products (e.g. business cards).

Have a look at some of our use cases.